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Manage Workflow

From large companies to the one man show, Cloud9Cumulus is affordable cloud technology to organize of all aspects of your business. Nothing falls through the cracks. Access from anywhere and everything is synced across all devices. Cloud9Cumulus keeps everyone up to date with what is happening so everyone can focus on what they do best to grow the business.


Automated Marketing

Most small business owners find that they spend so much time in just managing their business there is little to no time left for them to work on growing their business. But, it is even possible to have Cloud9Cumulus do much of your advertising too. It can automate email marketing to potential and existing customers driving traffic to your websites, social media, and YouTube accounts increasing your profits without increasing your workload. Even if you have a custom need we can develop it.

Simple Business Management

Communications, equipment, tasks, notes, document management, commissions for multiple streams of income... business can be complicated. Cloud9Cumulus organizes and streamlines your processes from customer acquisition to product fulfillment. It even allows you and your salespeople to see how much they made on each and every account. Don't get stuck working in your business... Let your business work for you.