Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions. You're probably not alone in asking your questions. will let you store several kinds of documents.

You can store customer documents. these are attached to a customer profile so you can easily look them up when you need them and everything is organized.

You can also store User documents. These are documents related to your employees or subcontractors. Things like pay plans, Sub-Contractor agreements... whatever you need.

Promotional materials and training materials. has a "Resources" section that will allow you to organize, categorize, and label all of your documents in a searchable and easy to use area that is accessible to all your users. You can also upload pictures and videos to get your message across.

File formats. There are many file formats that you can upload and attach as Resources, Customer Attachments or User Attachments including PDF, TXT, DOC, .DOCX, PNG, CSV, AVI, MPG, MPG4... Most anything you want to attach. doesn't charge anything in most cases for the integration or the processing. The charges are by a credit card processing companies themselves.
Processing Fees are based on our company type as well as a few other factors to get the exact price you will need to contact and someone will get you exact pricing for your business.

A good idea of what your costs will be are as follows:
Monthly Fees $35.00
Credit Card Percentage 3.50%
E-Check Percentage 1.00%
Transaction Fee $0.25
Batch Fee $0.25

Your fees will be slightly different and you can get discounts for doing more processing. contact to add this feature.
Well... Kind of.
If you already have an account to process Credit Cards and E-Checks you can keep it and still use cumulus. however the data won't automatically flow from their system to The system will recognize the transactions so everything will show up in but you will nee to use a separate system to process the payments.

The simplest thing is to contact and let them know you want to setup a new account. Then you will be able to process payments directly through the "Take Payment" button and transactions and commission for your salespeople are automatically taken care of for you.

Processing fees are low and if you already have an account you can send a statement in. They will likely match or beat what you are already paying.
Payment processing is easy to add and is done in three steps.
1) Start by emailing that you would like to add payment proceeding to your account. An additional application is required.
2) After your application is approved this function will be turned on. You will just need to go into each of the user and add the payment functions you want each user to have. You can limit the transaction size of each user can do as well as give refund privileges. Refund privileges can be limited by transaction amount per transaction, day, week and month. You also get reports so you can stay on top if it.

You can have these transactions logged under a new transaction type or you can loge them under any transaction type you already have. This is done in the payment permissions in each user profile. So, sales commissions are automatically calculated.
To change your password, you must complete the following steps:
1.Login to your account.
2.On the top right corner, click on your name. This will show a dropdown menu and you should then click on My Account.
3.Click the Change Password button and follow the instructions
To create your own account, you will need to register here